Application Method of Fruit Tree Spraying Fertilizer

Spraying fertilizer on fruit trees plays a great role in the growth and yield of fruit trees. Rational use of spraying fertilizer and mastery of the method of spraying fertilizer on fruit trees will greatly improve the efficiency of fertilizer use and have a good effect on fruit trees. The methods of applying fertilizer to fruit trees are introduced as follows:

Usage method:

Many varieties of fruit trees differ in germination, flowering, fruit swelling and ripening stages, but the growth law of root system and the characteristics of fertilizer requirement in different stages are roughly the same.

1. At the beginning of March every year, when the ground temperature exceeds 5 degrees, the sap begins to flow, and the roots of fruit trees begin to move slowly. With the gradual increase of the ground temperature, the growth of roots increases, and fruit trees begin to store nutrients for germination and flowering, marking the arrival of the first large-scale fertilizer demand period. The root activity period is about 30 days. Nitrogen can promote the growth of branches and leaves. Therefore, topdressing should be based on nitrogen fertilizer.

In arid areas, fruit trees need a lot of water during the germination stage, which can be combined with irrigation to spray 8 kg of special fertilizer per mu for fruit trees. Flowering will consume a lot of nutrients, together with the growth of branches and leaves after flowering and the first expansion of fruits, which require a lot of nutrient supply. Therefore, it is necessary to apply fertilizer in time after flowering of fruit trees. At this time, it can be combined with watering to wash Shiweinong Legenxing, which has a strong tree power of about 8 kilograms per mu, a weak tree and a large flowering volume of 12 kilometers per mu. Jin or so.

In February and June, fruit trees entered the stage of flower bud differentiation, and root system began to enter the second growth peak. Phosphorus fertilizer can increase sugar, reduce acid and promote flower bud differentiation. It is called "flower fertilizer". It can be sprayed 8-12 kg Weinong Legenxin per mu or 6-9 kg Weinong Legao Potassium to supplement tree nutrition and restore tree vigor.

In March, July and September, the root system of fruit trees entered the third growth peak, and the fruit also entered the second and third expansion stage. It is also the formation stage of flower buds and the coloring stage of fruit. Potassium fertilizer can obviously improve the quality of fruit and promote fruit expansion in this period should be mainly potassium fertilizer. Summer is a rainy season, the two topdressing should be based on the sky topdressing fertilizer, spraying fertilizer well, on fruit coloring, fruit beauty, improve sugar has a great role.