What are the misunderstandings of using flushing fertilizer for fruit trees?

1. Improving the application without paying attention to the law

The use of spraying fertilizer should pay attention to the principle of a small number of times, in order to hope that the root system of crops can absorb nutrients completely. Lack of regularity will not only affect the regular absorption of roots, but also easily lead to the problem of excess nutrients.

2. Flooding Irrigation

In winter, if flooding has a great impact on fruit trees. Water temperature is generally 10 - 14 C when poured into the soil at low temperature. When fertilizer is applied with water, the soil temperature decreases obviously, and the soil permeability will deteriorate, which will lead to rotten roots and affect the normal growth of fruit trees.

3. The concept of no time

When using, we need to pay attention to the soil moisture, and do not wash when the soil moisture is too high, in order to avoid affecting the soil permeability, causing hazards such as root retting and heart leaf yellowing; we should pay attention to the weather changes, choose wash when the weather turns clear after the cold current, and avoid the occurrence of continuous cloudy days after the use of wash fertilizer. After spraying, it is difficult to recover the ground temperature and increase the humidity in the greenhouse, which will cause great damage to vegetables and increase the disease.